MAKING CHANGES TO HOW WE RESPOND OR REACT in situations is often not as easy in practice or in the moment as it is in theory or as it is when we contemplate our reactions before or after the situation happens.

I just want to acknowledge this, and remind each of us to go easy on ourselves.

Many times I don’t respond as I wish I had, when I reflect back. In the middle of a situation, or immediately afterward, I think to myself: Ack, I reacted in this old pattern and I could have handled it [X] way instead (- more mindfully, thoughtfully, calmly, etc.).

I remind myself that even the act of observing our reactions, even having the awareness that there’s a different way to approach it is – in its own way – a ‘win.’

It can take time and practice, perhaps it takes going a bit slower or taking a few pauses in order to be more intentional with our actions and responses.

Simply inviting you to be a little more patient with yourself, and to offer yourself a bit more grace as you notice something you feel you perhaps could have done differently. Trust that even your awareness is helpful and will spark a shift to eventually become more reflexive. ❤

(Photo by Rodrigo Burgos S., pexels(dot)com)