A Glimpse Into a Session & Some Benefits

A Glimpse into a Session

You might notice:

• Images, scenes, shapes, or colours coming into your mind’s eye.

• Sounds, music or words coming into your awareness.

• Muscle twitches, tingles, shivers, goosebumps, or warmth – sensations in your physical body.

• A spacey feeling, or a dream-like state – somewhere between being awake and asleep.

• Deep relaxation – perhaps so much so that you fall asleep.

• Something other than what is listed above, or perhaps nothing noticeable on a conscious-level. 

• An experience that is similar to – or perhaps very different from – a previous session.

Release expectations

What arises from the intuition is as varied and unique as the world is diverse. It’s unpredictable. Releasing expectations and approaching each session with an open mind and heart will yield the most benefit.

Intensity does not indicate effectiveness

What you experience will vary from one session to the next. A more intense session does not indicate a greater effectiveness, or vice versa. The impact often runs very deep, far below one’s conscious awareness.

Your experience won’t be like anyone else’s

While you can compare notes with friends or read about what others have experienced, what you notice in a session will be unique to you.

Short term benefits of a session

A reprieve from stress and worry

Guided relaxation can allow the sense of peace and calm that exists beneath the conscious thoughts to be revealed. 

Inward exploration and self-discovery

Dedicated time for yourself – for reflection and simply to open up to what might arise through your intuition. 

A valuable interruption to mental chatter

Get a break from self-critical thoughts and mental chatter.

Sparks of inspiration and  ‘a-ha’ moments

Quieting the mind and opening to inner wisdom allows for new ideas, solutions, and approaches to come forward.

An opportunity to gain clarity

Gain a new perspective around a situation, experience, relationship or event.

A reset

Clearing away a little of what’s weighing you down can be reinvigorating and spark some inspiration.

Grounding and centering

Notice a greater sense of being present and ‘in the moment.’

Long term benefits of regular intuitive practice

Relationships and communication

Improve your ability to share your truth with confidence


Trust your choices as you connect with what feels right instead of what you think you should do


Know that you can get through anything


Worry less about what people think and feel more at ease. Begin to have trust in what might happen, instead of fearing it.

New perspectives

Gain new outlooks on your own circumstances, on life and death, and on the world around you.

Reactions and responses

Find that you become more positive and accepting of circumstances and situations.

Spiritual connection

An opportunity to establish or strengthen your spiritual connection. 

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