Having recently experienced some pitfalls of procrastination, I’m reminding us all to JUST START SOMEWHERE. Start where you are – perhaps on one part of the project you have or that goal you dream of achieving.

Here are some thoughts you might have around procrastination, and some ideas to challenge them –

~You’re mad at yourself for not starting before now. Drop the self-judgment and self-criticism – it’s not worth it. What would you tell your closest friend or family member who’s passionate about – or simply interested in – something and keen to do it? Be kinder to yourself. Just start somewhere.

~You think it might not work out. Who knows, it might not work out the way you expected, but it might work out even better – or in an unexpectedly wonderful way. You will never know if you don’t take a step toward it. Focus on the project and on where you want to go – not the possible negative outcomes. Just start somewhere.

~You worry that it’ll be too difficult – that you might not be able to do it. It might be really difficult, but how great will the sense of accomplishment feel once you’ve completed a part of it; or even just the freedom in discovering that it’s actually not the right path for you after all (if that ends up being the case) – allowing space for you to redirect your focus in a different direction. Just start somewhere.

~You fear what others might think. You think they might judge you for not doing it before now or wonder why you’re starting so late. No one else is concerned by the fact that you haven’t started yet – only you are hyper-aware of the delay. Believe me, others are far more absorbed in their own life they’re not worried about whether you’ve done it ‘in time.’ Give them the benefit of the doubt that they will give you the benefit of the doubt. Just start somewhere.

Wishing you a day of taking the reins and starting something of value to you that you’ve been putting off.

(Photo by Izzy Villa, pexels(dot)com)