Reiki was a mystery to me, prior to you showing me the power of the practice.  Now I see what a special and unique journey every session is!  It’s an hour of imagery, physical sensation, and spiritual connection. You open up each chakra, and allow a safe, comfortable, and loving space for me to relax, explore my feelings, and let any and all emotions/energy flow!  I know I can laugh, cry, and release everything as it arises, and you’ll be supportive and comforting throughout the process.  Carla, your caring and sense of responsibility for my well-being comes through each time we meet, and I’m so grateful!  I look forward to every session, and grateful for the deep sense of clarity and calm that I have after each one!  Thank you!!  ~HW

Intuitive Energy/Reiki Sessions

Unique & transformative experience

Sessions can address a wide-range of issues:  from overwhelm and burnout, to relationship challenges or working through grief, to a decision you’re grappling with or nervousness around an upcoming event, to support maintaining a spiritual connection in 12-step/recovery work (more about that here), to simply not feeling as ‘grounded’ or ‘clear’ as you’d like.

Enhance your intuitive connection

Through a combination of conversation, guided relaxation, intuitive and spiritual exploration, as well as reiki/energy work, this approach can be a valuable alternative or complement to traditional counselling or other therapy –  contributing to your overall well-being and emotional balance. Discover what wisdom is available to you beyond perception by your five senses.


An empowering path to healing and self-discovery.

Private 1:1 sessions

$95 CAD, per session

60-75min ~ over Zoom or phone 

Customized & tailored

The intention and goals you bring to a session are individual and often very personal, therefore each session is tailored to your needs. Chakra balancing, energy clearing, and intuitive discovery – it’s all part of it. There’s also some conversation, along with a sharing of what I’ve picked up on intuitively. We can explore what meaning you find in any insights that have resonated, and how you might integrate these pieces as you move forward.

Undivided attention & thorough exploration

In a 1:1 setting, you receive my undivided attention which holds space for a deeper inward connection for you. This also allows for my own intense focus to be on you and your energy field which facilitates a thorough exploration of any imbalances or areas that need attention.

Profound insights

I offer a supportive, non-judgmental space where you can express yourself freely and authentically, which is essential for healing and growth. The environment I create fosters trust and openness, enabling profound insights to arise and greater healing to occur.

Weekly group sessions

$45 CAD, per month for all sessions
$20 CAD, per session

Starting August 3rd, 2024 and onward through Fall 2024

40-45min ~ over Zoom
Weekly – Saturdays at 10:30am MDT  
One month at a time. No long term commitment required

Routine self-care

The group session option is a great way to get regular energy work and intuitive practice into your routine, and offers you multiple opportunities for guided deep relaxation and time for yourself throughout the month.

Frequent intuitive exploration

Intentional intuitive exploration such as this can inspire a continued journey of discovery that goes beyond the session, itself.

Shared & individual experiences

Knowing that others are going through a similar experience can be comforting and empowering – leading to deeper healing on an individual level. While sharing with the group is not required, some participants feel called to share about their experience, which can be valuable on many levels – offering new perspectives and ideas.

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Curious about what a session is like?  Or perhaps you’d like to know more about my approach to this work? 

Not sure?  The best way to find out what it’s about is simply to experience a session.

Prefer to have a conversation first?

Important message

I am not a medical or mental health professional, and working with me does not replace such treatment. Please consult with a medical or mental health professional first, as appropriate to the issue requiring attention, in order to best serve your health and wellness, and before complementing any treatment with intuitive work.

While my aim is to help you find improvement and positive outcomes within any session or interaction we have, I don’t make promises of specific results or complete resolution to an issue. The process of picking up on information intuitively cannot be forced and often yields unexpected results. It may take you on a circuitous route – in directions that may seem off-course and disparate at the outset – before eventually getting to the heart of the issue or finding the next step for yourself. Issues can be deeply-rooted and a resolution might take time – and possibly a combination of therapeutic approaches – to work through completely. 

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