About Me

Carla Grundison, BSc
Intuition Development Coach

I’m a problem-solver by nature. I’m also a skeptic.

I have a science degree:  I look for proof, logic and solid reasoning behind something in order to believe and trust it.

In striking contrast I’ve also always had a curiosity about – and an absolute fascination with – all things spiritual, paranormal, and inexplicable.

I allowed my curiosity to guide me. 

I began exploring energy work, learned more about spirituality and intuition, & eventually started using my own intuitive abilities. However, the logical, evidence-seeking side of me continued to look for proof:  I was on a quest to find the most knowledgeable person or resource with ‘the right answers’ and ‘the correct way’ to work with energy and spirit.

But I found conflicting messages everywhere.

One teacher or book would say one thing about the spiritual world – often sharing it as fact in the form of ‘this is the way it is’ or that a certain technique ‘must be used’ – only to find the next resource had a different message, entirely.

I was confused and it seemed so difficult. I wondered:  ‘Am I doing this right?’ ‘Which is the correct way to do it?’ ‘Who actually has the right answers?’ Much doubt and discouragement lined my path, yet intrigue spurred me on to continue.

Then I realized the key – there is no one right answer or correct way when it comes to working with intuition and spirit. 

The right answer, even our concept of the spiritual world, is different for each of us – at least that’s my take on it. We benefit from being opened up to ideas and possibilities, being given some guidance and encouragement, and most importantly – being invited to tune-in to what feels right as the best route to our own answers. This ends the search for that one elusive universally correct answer or method.

One of my favourite things has always been delving into one-on-one conversation, helping others navigate internal and interpersonal challenges.

Incorporating all of the above, I love guiding others explore and develop their own concept of the spiritual world – while helping them avoid getting stuck in doubt and uncertainty.

Helping others get tuned-in to their own intuition in order to bring ease to their everyday lives, trust their decisions, feel more comfortable in their own skin, and simply fear less – is my goal.

What can be discovered beyond the three-dimensional world is endlessly fascinating to me.

A bit more about my journey

For most of my life I thought using one’s intuition, tuning-in to spirit, receiving messages, connecting to guides and angels was simply a gift with which others were fortunately bestowed – not me. That is, if any of it actually was genuine. As a suspicious skeptic of anything I couldn’t experience with the five senses, I wasn’t quite sure and yet was so curious to learn more.

When I began receiving energy sessions, and then delving into learning about it more depth, I started down a road from which I have never turned back. I was continually amazed by my experiences, and still am – to this day. Even if I couldn’t explain it clearly or provide proof outside of my own results (and later – those of clients), I loved it. I’ve experienced the most wonderful shifts and so much growth as a result.

I suffered with shyness going back as far as I can remember. As I got older it evolved into (or maybe it always was) some form of anxiety, though I didn’t know that’s what it was, nor was it ever formally diagnosed. I just had a subtle undercurrent of fear within me all the time:  what others might think, of not being good enough, not being liked, being judged – the works.

I tried counselling, talked things through with friends and family, exercised, kept a gratitude journal – many of the usual recommendations. These things helped a little, but not completely.

Things began shifting as I explored energy sessions.

But I didn’t actually seek outhealing’ to help my fear and anxiety – at least not initially.

In fact, I didn’t really think that I even needed healing. Healing was for sprained ankles and other physical ailments. I figured my shyness – and therefore that ever-flowing undercurrent of fear – was just part of my personality, just part of who I was.

While open to alternative forms of therapy, it was actually my fascination and curiosity (and healthy dose of skepticism) that sparked my journey with intuitive energy work.

After each session I would feel lighter and clearer, able to see past the mental chatter and fear for awhile. I was amazed by the intuitive messages the practitioner often shared, too – incredibly curious as to how they had this special connection. Of course, later I learned that we all have the ability to connect to spirit – it’s not just for a chosen few.

I began to see energy sessions as a welcome alternative and complement to counselling, and at that point began seeking it more intentionally. But I still didn’t really think of it as healing, per se. I just wanted to feel better; and yes, that is the simple word I usually used to describe how would feel after a session:  better.

Lasting changes didn’t happen overnight, though. In fact, they were so incremental that I identify with the sloth when I think of my spiritual growth, awakening, and the gaining of trust that formed the root of overcoming of fear.

Read more about me in this blog post.

Certifications and related training


Usui Reiki Master

Master Channeler

Akashic Records Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher

Metatronia Therapy® Master Healer and Workshop Facilitator

Yoga Nidra Instructor

Meditation Teacher

Related Training: 

Conflict Resolution Certificate

Mental Health First Aid

Coaching through Transition

EFT (Tapping) Level 1

Qi Gong Level 1

BSc in Nutritional Sciences

Conflict Coaching (certification pending)

‘Carla has an inherent gift that I believe she was born with. She makes people feel both calm and energized. I have struggled with massive anxiety since I was about seven or eight years old, and Carla has seen me through my worst. Even when I have been in a state of near panic she has, just through her energy, helped me to relax. I have tried to articulate to myself many times what exactly Carla does to help me in these situations and each time I have come back to the same place: Carla has a healing energy, there is no other way to put it.’ ~BW

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