About Me

About Me

My goal

My goal is to help others distinguish their intuition from their thoughts, gain trust in this intuitive connection, and discover how they can use it to bring ease to everyday life.

There is no singular ‘right’ answer to be found, nor is there one ‘correct’ way to work with one’s intuition. Doing intuition development work with me is about following and trusting what resonates. I offer intuitive insights as ideas and possibilities to spark clarity and inspiration – but I don’t tell anyone ‘how it is’ with absolutes or directives.

I provide a safe space to explore and develop one’s own concept of what lies beyond this three-dimensional world. I invite people to trust their own ideas, messages and concepts – even when they don’t match what anyone else describes.

What I used to believe

I’ve always had a curiosity about – and an absolute fascination with – intuitive or spiritual abilities, and all things paranormal and inexplicable.

I used to think anyone claiming to be intuitive, to perceive things such as spirit guides or angels, or to connect to those who had passed on – was simply lucky, bestowed with a special gift; that is, if any of it was even genuine at all.

You see, I have a science degree: I want proof, and I look for logic and solid reasoning behind things before I buy into them.

I let curiosity guide me

Despite my doubt, I couldn’t shake my curiosity and fascination with spiritual phenomena.

Then, I had an opportunity to experience an energy session. After each one I felt lighter and clearer. It also alleviated the mental chatter for awhile. and interrupted the undercurrent of fear I had within me all the time – fear of what others might think, of not being liked or good enough, of disastrous outcomes, etc.

Intuitive work became a powerful tool

I began to integrate these sessions into my life as a complement to other forms of therapy for various issues.

Along the way, I learned that we all have an intuitive connection – it’s not just for a chosen few.  However, it’s often undervalued, overlooked, or dismissed.

What shifts I noticed

The more I practiced tuning-in, the better I felt. Things became easier:
• Decision-making;
• Accepting what happens and what has happened in my life;
• Trusting when it feels right to make changes or alter my course;
• Approaching the world with more curiosity, openness and possibility;
• Moving from a place of resistance, self-criticism, and fear – to one of greater acceptance, self-love and trust.

Growth took time

Of course, this process – the development of my intuition, or what some might call my spiritual growth or awakening – took time. Lots of time. In fact, it’s ongoing and continual – it’s never really ‘done.’

Along the way I’ve had many doubts, questions and challenges, and even came upon what seemed like conflicting messages – all of which helped me see that there is isn’t just one ‘right’ way.

Helping others

One of my favourite things has always been delving in to help another person sort through and navigate internal and interpersonal challenges.

So, I’ve found that the next part of my journey is to bring what I’ve learned about intuition to others – to apply intuition to that process.

It gives me great satisfaction to help people discover the value of using their intuition to find their way from doubt, uncertainty and feeling out-of-sorts – to a place of greater confidence, trust and overall wellness. 

I highly recommend connecting with Carla. She did a spirit guide reading for me, and it was down right eerie, the information she was provided by my guides. Before you think ‘oh, that’s nice’, and carry on, she connected with a spirit guide of mine that I have NEVER, EVER told anyone about. She described him perfectly. The messages she delivered resonated with me to my bones. It’s a wonderful experience to have!


Carla has an inherent gift that I believe she was born with. She makes people feel both calm and energized. I have struggled with massive anxiety since I was about seven or eight years old, and Carla has seen me through my worst. Even when I have been in a state of near panic she has, just through her energy, helped me to relax. I have tried to articulate to myself many times what exactly Carla doesto help me in these situations and each time I have come back to the same place: Carla has a healing energy, there is no other way to put it.


Related Training

Usui Reiki Master
Master Channeler
Akashic Records Teacher
Yoga Nidra Instructor
Meditation Teacher
Conflict Resolution Certification
Mental Health First Aid
Coaching through Transition
EFT (Tapping) Level 1
Qi Gong Level 1
BSc in Nutritional Sciences

Working Together

One-on-one work with me.
Notice, strengthen, and trust your intuitive connection.

Single Sessions

Clarity. Exploration. Deep relaxation.

Courses and Packages 

In-depth work in different focus areas.
Tailored to your interests.
Follow your curiosity.

Reach out - let's chat first!

Exploring your intuitive connection is personal.

You want to work with someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable.

I also want to make sure that what you're looking for is something I'm able to provide.

A good way to get an idea of my approach and get a sense of whether it would be a good fit to work together is to have a conversation. 

Chat is by zoom or phone.

Doubt Less, Trust More

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