About Me

About Me

My approach to what I do

I’m about helping people strengthen their own intuitive connection by exploring what is beyond perception by their five senses and gaining trust in their inner wisdom.

While clearing and shifting energy, I pick up on things intuitively and share them as ideas and possibilities – not absolutes or certainties, not ‘this is how it is’ or what the future holds.

Empowering you to trust yourself

When it comes to intuition, energy work, and things of a spiritual nature, it’s my view that there is no singular ‘right’ answer to be found, nor is there one ‘correct’ way to do it. It’s about noticing and trusting what resonates for each of us. 

Logic, intuition, and me

As a keen problem-solver with a science degree, I tend to seek proof, logic and solid reasoning behind things before I accept them as valid.

For much of my life I’ve been what you might call a curious skeptic when it came to concepts like intuition, psychic abilities, even spirituality. Always fascinated by it all – but a little skeptical – I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the incredible and valuable experiences I’ve had as I let my curiosity guide me.

When I experienced my first energy (reiki) session – over 15 years ago at this point – I noticed how much clearer and lighter I felt afterward. Something almost magical and indescribable occurred within me – and this had me coming back for more!

Intuitive work became a powerful tool

Receiving energy sessions as a client eventually evolved into becoming a practitioner. My previously-held belief that only certain people were bestowed with intuitive abilities dissolved as I discovered that each of us has an intuitive and spiritual connection. While our strengths in this area may vary – along with the depth of our interest in it – our abilities will develop the more open and curious we become.

As I tuned in to my own intuition, some things became easier:
• Decision-making, and accepting what happens in my life;
• Trusting when it feels right to make changes or alter my course;
• Approaching the world with more curiosity, openness and possibility;
• Moving from resistance, self-criticism, and fear – to greater acceptance, self-love and trust.

A natural progression

I combined my lifelong love of helping others navigate their internal and interpersonal challenges through talking things through with using energy work, intuitive guidance and deep relaxation – and here we are!

I highly recommend connecting with Carla. She did a spirit guide reading for me, and it was down right eerie, the information she was provided by my guides. Before you think ‘oh, that’s nice’, and carry on, she connected with a spirit guide of mine that I have NEVER, EVER told anyone about. She described him perfectly. The messages she delivered resonated with me to my bones. It’s a wonderful experience to have!


Carla has an inherent gift that I believe she was born with. She makes people feel both calm and energized. I have struggled with massive anxiety since I was about seven or eight years old, and Carla has seen me through my worst. Even when I have been in a state of near panic she has, just through her energy, helped me to relax. I have tried to articulate to myself many times what exactly Carla doesto help me in these situations and each time I have come back to the same place: Carla has a healing energy, there is no other way to put it.


Related Training

Usui Reiki Master
Master Channeler
Akashic Records Teacher
Yoga Nidra Instructor
Meditation Teacher
Conflict Resolution Certification
Mental Health First Aid
Coaching through Transition
EFT (Tapping) Level 1
Qi Gong Level 1
BSc in Nutritional Sciences

Working Together

One-on-one sessions to strengthen and gain trust in your intuitive connection.

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Clarity. Exploration. Deep relaxation.
Follow your curiosity.

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