OUR HEART AND ITS INJURIES. This morning while doing some self-healing, when I came to my heart chakra I received the image of a magnificent sparkly pink and green crystal – with some cracks and striations in it.

This message came into my awareness and I want to share with you:

We can consider that various emotions and experiences along our journey through life so far – the hurt, the sadness, the grief, the joy and everything else – have impacted us a little like the cracks or lines we might see in a crystal.

While some might call them imperfections in a crystal, in truth they cause light to be reflected a little differently, and overall the result is a unique appearance – unlike any other.

No two pieces of crystal have been impacted *exactly* the same way by external forces – just as no other heart has been impacted by interactions and relationships and words and experiences as our own heart has.

Our experiences inform us so that we operate in this world with a unique perspective – interacting with others, helping, creating, guiding, taking action, and simply being – holding our own energy in a way that is invaluable to all we encounter.

Inviting you to trust the value and importance of you in this world – of your energy, of all that you have been through, and of all the learning that has come out of each experience so far.

Wishing you a sense of contentment as you move through today. ❤

(Photo by Castorly Stock, pexels(dot)com)