Recovery Support - Spiritual Connection

Recovery Support – Spiritual Connection

What do I mean by ‘recovery’?

I’m using the word ‘recovery’ here to refer to folks on their journey as they recover and gain sobriety from a struggle they’ve had with: alcohol or drugs, or it could be food, gambling, co-dependency, technology addiction – there’s a really long list of things for which one could be in recovery.

Explore and shape your view of spirituality – discover what it means to you

In much of the 12 step and recovery work, there’s often a spiritual or ‘higher-power’ aspect to the program. I offer guidance so people can explore what that higher power or spiritual connection might mean to them, and help them find a way to connect in a meaningful way,

If you’re familiar with the steps, what I do might be considered most closely associated with Step 11 – improving and maintaining one’s spiritual connection as one understands it to be. 

Stay connected to your supportive inner voice

What I offer has been helpful for people – in recovery and otherwise – to stay connected to that strong, supportive inner voice they have, which sometimes gets drowned out by all the thoughts and mental chatter.

Explore what’s beyond the five senses, and get connected to that supportive and caring intuitive connection that each of us has. This can be done through deep relaxation and guided exploration. 

No judgment or criticism

A lot of folks struggle with feeling ashamed or embarrassed about the issues they’re dealing with – recovery or otherwise. I assure you there is no judgment or criticism here. My aim is to be of service and help people find some semblance of inner peace.

What if you don’t want to talk about being in recovery?

I’m mindful that folks in recovery might not feel comfortable sharing their experience with me. That’s OK and completely understandable. No one has to identify themselves as going through recovery to experience the benefit.

I usually ask a new client what sparked them to book a session, but clients are invited to share with me only what they feel comfortable sharing about themselves.

Maybe you wonder if I have you been through some form of recovery?

It’s not something I’ve been through myself, no. But through the people I know who continue to go through it, I have some general familiarity with the 12 steps.

12-step work – isn’t that AA, and isn’t it really religious?

Alcoholics Anonymous, its accompanying ‘Big Book’ and 12 step work in general is often mistaken for being very religious in nature. I used to think the same thing, but have since learned that is not the case.

A key tenet of the program (as I understand it) is that there is a force, or power, or energy, or spirit – something greater than us – which is ultimately in control. But there is a clear invitation for people to create their own definition of that ‘higher power’ and to decide what it means for them.

Courageous work

Recovery is a brave endeavour to embark on, and I am honoured to assist folks in some small way as they do this important work for themselves if it feels like a good fit.

What I’m NOT offering 

To make sure there’s no misunderstanding:

This is not a part of any 12-step program, nor is it any other type of recovery program.

While I have some familiarity with the 12 steps, my work isn’t focused on the steps, per se.

I’m not a sponsor providing accountability during a person’s newfound sobriety.

This is not a quick fix or a shortcut, but rather a supportive tool on the journey.


What I AM offering

To help summarize, I offer: 

Help finding and trusting one’s own unique spiritual connection.

Guidance into deep relaxation and inviting folks to become more intuitively aware, connecting with one’s own strong, supportive inner wisdom.

A promise to always hold the best interest of the person with whom I’m working as my focus during any session or interaction.

A space to be heard, which is free of judgment or criticism.

I had a session with Carla and had things confirmed, and learned some new things about myself. As far as the healing went, Carla helped me open up more, and my energy is stronger. I reccomend anyone that is considering having work done by Carla, to do it. She is an incredibly insightful and a wonderful person and healer.

~Ken M.

I highly recommend Carla, not only as a genuine person, but someone in tune with her practice of sharing warm light and energy healing. If you haven’t had a session, Carla makes you feel very comfortable so I highly recommend booking a session with her.


Working Together

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Courses and Packages 

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Follow your curiosity.

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