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Explore the ‘higher-power’ aspect of recovery 

In 12-step recovery work, there’s usually a spiritual or ‘higher-power’ component. I offer space and guidance for people to explore what that might mean to them and find a way to connect in a meaningful way.

While Alcoholics Anonymous and its accompanying ‘Big Book’ is often mistaken for being very religious, this is not the case. It invites each person to create their own definition of ‘higher power’ and decide what it means to them – which, for many, is a very individual set of beliefs.


What I do might be considered most aligned with helping people with Step 11 – improving and maintaining one’s spiritual connection as one understands it to be. 

If you’re in recovery and feel that you need a little support to make sense of the ‘higher-power’ or ‘spiritual’ component, the sessions I offer can be valuable.

No one has to identify themselves as going through recovery to experience the benefit of a session.

What I’m NOT offering 

To make sure there’s no misunderstanding:

This is not a part of any 12-step program, nor is it any other type of recovery program.

While I have some familiarity with the 12 steps, my work isn’t focused on the steps, per se.

I’m not a sponsor providing accountability during a person’s newfound sobriety.

This is not a quick fix or a shortcut, but rather a supportive tool on the journey.

What I AM offering

To summarize, I offer:

A space to be heard – free of judgment or criticism.

Help finding and trusting one’s own unique spiritual connection.

Guidance into deep relaxation. 

An invitation to become more intuitively aware, connecting with one’s own strong, supportive inner wisdom.

A promise to always hold the best interest of the person with whom I’m working as my focus during any session or interaction.

Curious? Let's chat!

Exploring your intuitive connection is personal.

You want to work with someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable.

I want to make sure that what you're looking for is something I'm able to provide.

Let's have a conversation to see whether it feels like a good fit to work together.

Doubt Less, Trust More

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Carla Grundison, BSc
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