WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS WOUND-UP OR UPSET about something – they might just need for us to bite our tongue, stop offering advice or solutions or even reasons why something is the way it is, and instead: ask them to share more, then say little and listen a lot.

Don’t underestimate the value of simply holding space for someone and allowing them to feel heard.

Since many of us are naturally keen to problem-solve, it might be challenging to do this. It might require conscious reminders to break our natural pattern.

Be patient with yourself.

WHEN YOU’RE WOUND-UP OR UPSET about something – you might benefit from simply talking to someone else about it.

Don’t underestimate the value of having someone hold space for you in order for you to feel heard.

A little like when we’re looking for something in a messy drawer or box it’s often helpful to just dump out the contents and look through it all – letting our issues hit the air can be useful and calming, even if no resolution is found right then.

If you can’t find someone to share it with, try writing it out, or even voice-dictating into a device. This is not the time to judge yourself on grammar or critique anything about your writing or how you sound. Just keep going, as though you were talking to someone with whom you can be completely yourself.

Wishing you a day of ease as you hold space for others, and find others to hold space for you or a way to feel heard that you create for yourself. ❤

(Photo by Johannes Plenio, pexels(dot)com)