WHEN IMPATIENCE STRIKES US – perhaps we’re in the presence of someone slower at a task than we would like, or doesn’t know the answer or solution that comes easily to us – we might find ourselves in the midst of thoughts like:

~ how does this person not know this?! It’s common sense!
~ how come they’re not faster?! I could have done this three-times-over in this time and they’re not done yet!
~ how is it they don’t see the easy solution? I can see the answer, myself – it’s right there!
~ how do they not know better? I learned this years ago!

~ not everyone is good at everything, nor as good at the same things we are,
~ not everyone has had the same opportunities to learn – each person’s life has been full of different experiences,
~ not everyone thinks or approaches tasks the same way,
~ everyone is dealing with unique challenges – we have no idea what might be impacting this person in this instance,
~ common sense is not common to all – what’s common in one person’s day-to-day life is not common for another.

~ knows things and can do things that we cannot do – they just can’t do this specific thing as quickly at this time, or they don’t know the answer in this particular case,
~ has other answers, other skills – in this case they just haven’t been asked the question they know, or tasked with the project at which they’re really adept and quick right now.

Encouraging us all to remind ourselves of these things when we feel the impatience building. Even if it’s only thoughts we are keeping well hidden, impatience is still upsetting to our own equilibrium and sense of peace within ourselves. If we can find a way to de-escalate our discontent with the situation by reminding ourselves of possible reasons behind the situation and extend compassion to this person, we might find it helps bring us to a calmer state.

Wishing you a day of peace and patience. ❤

(Photo by Xue Guangjian, pexels(dot)com)