Whether verbal, written, body language, facial expression – even if what is said or their visible reaction occurs or shifts after something you said or did – it’s not actually ‘about’ you.

It might be about their response to what you said or did, but that is a result of:

~ their judgment of what was said or done based on what they’ve experienced or observed combined with their beliefs,

~ their impression of, or assumptions about, you based on what was said or done, or your tone of voice, body language, or facial expression – again, rooted in their own beliefs and limited understanding of you and what all those things might have meant in that moment,

~ their understanding of the situation and of anyone else involved,

~ their energy level, mood, emotional state, and ability to focus – at the time of your interaction,

~ what’s going on and impacting them in their own life, perhaps related to, or quite separate from, the topic at hand,

~ memories or experiences or beliefs that your interaction has triggered for them, of which you would likely have no idea.

Another person would respond a little – or perhaps very – differently in the same interaction based on all of the above that is true and unique for that person.

I trust this is a helpful reminder for someone who needs this today. ❤