~ you didn’t know it wouldn’t work,
~ you didn’t know it would end up the way it did,
~ you didn’t intend for it to happen as it did,
~ you didn’t know the outcome would be as it was.

You learned and now you know.

You might adjust your course, your perspective, or try something a little different next time as a result.

Looking back and cringing at:
~ what you did or didn’t do,
~ what you didn’t know,
~ how things went – during that embarrassing moment or faux pas or even the terrible blunder,

…it’s not helpful. Perhaps once in awhile, yes, if we use it to help remind us how far we’ve come and how much we know now by comparison.
But I encourage you to not let yourself dwell there for long.

Instead, I invite you to:
~ let go of the self-criticism.
~ let go of the judgement of yourself for mistakes made,
~ let go of the bad feelings you might be harbouring toward yourself.

Remind yourself, earnestly – with heart and compassion: IT’S ALL PART OF THE JOURNEY.

For the next leg of the journey you are that much wiser.

Experimenting, making mistakes, learning – these are all parts of LIVING. They’re all methods of gaining the knowledge you didn’t have before.

Wishing you a day of deep compassion for yourself. ❤