SOMETIMES WE DON’T FIND VALUE IN SUPPORTIVE REMINDERS, positive affirmations, or thoughtful quotes.

Honestly, sometimes a suggestion to look at our situation differently, to reframe things – feels actually quite unhelpful and annoying.

Sometimes we just need space and a little bit of quiet for awhile.

When we are in the depths of feeling upset and frustrated, or exhausted and drained, or sad and grieving – no amount of reframing the situation can help until and unless we’re actually ready to begin to make our way out of our ‘canyon’ of feeling crappy …

… and there’s no set timeline on that.
… and there’s no one singular thing that will help every person make their way to the top.

We all have a unique way of getting out of our own canyon – which is sometimes deep and sometimes shallow and always a little different than someone else’s along our journey.

When we feel up to it we explore a little and find a start to our own pathway out.

~ Some will run up and out quite quickly.
~ Some will take a circuitous route, pausing along the way, and perhaps even going back down for awhile.
~ Some find a ladder and just take it step by step.
~ Some will climb up – or be pulled up – via a lifeline lowered down by someone else at (or closer to) the top.

Often it will be a combination of all of the above.

Wishing you a day to of allowing yourself space to just feel how you feel, and trusting you’ll know when you’re ready to begin to make your way out of your canyon. ❤

(Photo by Aaron Kittredge, pexels(dot)com)