WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU isn’t a reflection of you, your motives, your actions, or your heart and spirit.

~ It might feel accurate.

~ It might be a compliment.

~ It might be something that sparks us to contemplate: ‘this might or might not be about me, but either way, how could I improve in this area?’

~ It might be intended as helpful feedback that we interpret as mean-spirited criticism.

What people say is them conveying something from within themselves.

What they are conveying is coming through a jumble of their own feelings at that moment – which might include: insecurity, anger, fatigue, fear – of being viewed as ‘not [x] enough’ – even if we, as the listener/receiver, might be shocked to think that this person would/could ever feel that way – or any number of issues they’re dealing with that we know nothing about.

Words are just letters and sounds strung together in an attempt to convey information.

HOW WE RECEIVE THOSE WORDS and interpret them is unique to us, and will be filtered through how we’re feeling at that moment:

~ our own insecurities,

~ our own level of confidence,

~ even our ability to focus and pay attention to, or read and take in – what is being said.

What others are saying – they’re just words. We’re assigning the meaning to them.

BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND TODAY – and remind yourself of your strengths, your best qualities, and help yourself to retain your confidence no matter what comments come your way. ❤

Photo by josiah farrow, pexels(dot)com