HOW OFTEN DO WE HEAR THAT WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME?  Everything from ads and marketing (just for a limited time – don’t miss out!), to our own fears of getting older (fearing not enough time, in general), to the fact that sleep/bedtime has come too quickly (we’ve run out of time to do all the things we wanted to do that day) – we’re fearing time is nearly up.

Even when it comes to spirituality and intuition, I’ve heard spiritual teachers say things like: hurry up, don’t waste time, make sure you follow the message you’ve been given right away so you don’t miss out! – whether it be a creative idea or business venture or whatever guidance is coming through your intuition.

Perhaps well-meaning and intending to instigate action, talk of running out of time or missing out can instill fear and anxiety. And it takes the focus away from noticing what feels right and in alignment – which includes the timeline and speed with which we take action.

Don’t get me wrong – if it inspires you into action and you’re happy to have that figurative ‘fire’ lit under you by the suggestion of time running out, then great.

But when it comes to ideas coming through your intuition, from spirit, from guides (however you conceive of it) – they aren’t meant to push us or rush us. They’re meant to inspire us and give us ideas. How, when, or whether we choose to follow them is our own choice and just shapes our journey a little differently depending on what we choose.

You won’t miss out if it’s meant for you – whatever it is. If it’s meant to unfold, it will – and in exactly the right time. Trust that.

Simply follow the guidance and messages you receive at your own pace as it feels right for you, if at all.

Wishing you a day of noticing messages and ideas, trusting what feels right – without fearing that you’re missing out on anything (because you’re not 😉 ). ❤

(Photo by Brett Sayles, pexels(dot)com)