BEEN FEELING LIKE YOU’RE NOT DOING A ‘GOOD ENOUGH’ JOB? Focusing on the mistakes you’ve made? Struggling to see any positive impact you’re making? Feeling like you’re not noticed or valued?

If so, I invite you to remember:

~ the grocery clerk who smiled at you because you asked them how their day was or simply when you thanked them – that smile was sparked because of you.

~ the co-worker whose job you made easier due to a piece of information you gave them – that person’s day was made easier because of you.

~ the stranger with whom you had a two-second exchange when they thanked you for picking up the pen they dropped – their moment was made easier because of your moment of kindness.

~ the thing you said in the conversation that sparked someone to think of something else and comment further to continue the conversation – that chat continued, or perhaps an idea arose for them, because of the comment you made and what you sparked in the other person.

~ the call you made or the text you sent to someone which helped them to know for that moment that they were remembered, perhaps it was even the highlight of their day – they felt seen and valued because of you reaching out.

~ the person to whom you gave directions who was so relieved to finally know where they were headed – that sense of relief they had was because you helped them in that moment.

OFTEN WE DISMISS SUCH SMALL INTERACTIONS as our self-critic continues to work the power-point presentation in our mind’s eye, showing us the bullet-point list of all our perceived failings, missteps and mistakes – replaying the same slides over and over.

Meanwhile, everyday there are numerous ways that we’re positively impacting others and the world – just by our mere presence.

Inviting you to bring to mind a few of the smiles you’ve received from acquaintances, strangers, or store clerks, and the happy voices you’ve heard on the phone when starting a conversation with a long lost friend or family member, or the texts of acknowledgement after you’ve reached out – they all tell you that someone’s day or moment was made a little brighter as a result of you.

You are valuable in someone else’s world as you move through your life, if even for just a moment. You make a difference and are valuable to this world just by you being here. ❤

(Photo by Magda Ehlers, pexels(dot)com)