TODAY I DIDN’T FEEL LIKE WRITING ANYTHING. Even though I have several pieces started, and a few other ideas percolating, I didn’t feel motivated.

Sometimes that happens. There are days I don’t write or share anything.

But I gave myself a little nudge. I thought: I can share something.

While I’m all about largely following what we feel is right deep down, if we were to allow ourselves to follow what we felt like doing ALL the time – which, let’s face it, might be being super lazy (laziness being a state that means something a little different to each of us) – and didn’t branch into some discomfort or the old ‘getting out of our comfort zone,’ we might indeed…

~ become a big couch potato, or
~ just not feel productive, or
~ not feel that sense of accomplishment – the joy of having done something that required effort.

Of course, sometimes resting is beneficial for ourselves.

Even for long stretches of time we find ourselves only feeling able to do just the bare minimum.

And that’s OK.

If I hadn’t written anything today would that have been so terrible? No, not at all. I could have followed the lack of motivation.
But sometimes giving ourselves a little nudge is valuable. Sometimes (as Wilford Brimley used to say on those oatmeal commercials from the early 90s 😉 ) – it’s just the right thing to do.

Maybe sharing with you today the fact that I had to give myself a little push through the lack of motivation might speak to you in some way.

So, what other inspiration might I have to share today, now that I’ve given myself that nudge?

Well, here’s the message that I tuned-in for before I went to sleep last night, as I do each night. I ask: What is the most important message for me to hear tonight? So I relay it to you, because it wasn’t just for me:

Trust that you are special and a joy and a valued part of this world. Remember and remind yourself of this now and in times when it feels hardest – the times you can’t sense it. You are both loved and lovable. 🥰

Wishing you a day of nudging yourself through the lack of motivation where it feels right, and trusting when it’s too much and you need to put the brakes on – knowing that you always make the right choice for yourself in each moment. Each choice you make is simply allowing a different path to reveal itself. ❤

(Photo by Phuttharak, Adobe Stock Photos)