YOU KNOW THAT THING YOU WANTED – maybe a long time ago, maybe really recently – but it didn’t happen, it didn’t work out? A relationship, a job, an experience, a trip that got cancelled, whatever it is… Yeah – that thing!

Stop going back there and thinking about how you missed out. Replace those thoughts with what you want now.

~ What opportunities do you have now?

~ What opportunities can you create?

~ What could be your new goal or plan?

~ What are you feeling drawn to doing right now?

Get quiet for a moment, and notice what feels good – maybe even a little bit exciting – going forward.

Don’t think yourself out of it with thoughts like – oh why bother, it probably won’t happen because things never work out.

Each new moment is a new opportunity to begin again – and each moment has infinite possibilities.

Just because something didn’t work out before, doesn’t mean other things won’t work out in the future.

What can you do – in this moment?

~ Maybe it’s just resting for the moment. That’s OK.

~ Maybe it’s trying again for the thing that didn’t work out before. Use your excitement for that thing to inform your forward movement.

~ Maybe it’s something completely different.

Feel yourself slipping back into lamenting the thing that didn’t work out?

Just keep bringing yourself back to the present moment. How?

~ Try noticing what you can see and hear around you, what do your clothes feel like on your skin, where are you in physical location.

~ Try focusing on one word or image for a few moments.

~ Try taking action by shifting to a new task.

~ Try shifting your attention to something else – consciously, intentionally, remind yourself to shift to a new thought.

Inviting you to stay in the moment and begin to look forward, replacing discouragement and disappointment coming from thoughts of the past, with thoughts of:

~ What’s next?

~ What is something new or different to try?

~ Maybe it’s – how will I try again for the same thing (or similar) and do it a little differently?

Get a little bit excited for the possibilities! ❤

(Photo by samer daboul, pexels(dot)com)