WHEN WE FIND SOMETHING WE ENVY ABOUT ANOTHER PERSON – perhaps we’re comparing ourselves to them and saying to ourselves how much we wish we could be more like them, maybe even feeling down on ourselves for not being ‘as good at [x]’ as we find them to be in some way – pause, and then:

~ First, invite the acknowledgement that it is no one is better than any other person on a grand scale – we are each unique, with our own strengths and challenges.
~ Next, invite the observation of what attributes of that person we find to be ‘better’ – perhaps their confidence, their style, their compassion, their enthusiasm.

Instead of dwelling on feeling ‘not enough,’ could we shift our attention toward the attributes of that person that we like? How could our observation of this person and what we like about them – impact our life in a positive way? How could we let these favourable attributes integrate a bit, and apply them to our life?

If it’s their enthusiasm:
~ what is it that excites us, and how could we find more of that or make space for more of that, or focus more on it, or share more of it with the world – such that we, too, are more enthused?

If it’s their warmth, compassion, or sense of calm:
~ what are some things – big or small – we could do that extends more compassion outward toward others, or makes us feel more calm or peaceful?

If it’s their style or appearance:
~ what could we do that might help us achieve a similar style (knowing we need only look like the best version of ourselves, not aspiring to look exactly like them) – for example, if they are very fit and we find ourselves wishing we were fitter, how could that inspire us to move our body?

If it’s their confidence in an ability, or their depth of knowledge in an area:
~ what could we do to begin to inform ourselves a little more on that topic, or another area of interest – such that we, too, feel confident and knowledgeable?

Whatever it is about this person that we envy or admire, instead of dwelling on ‘they’re so [x]’ and ‘I’m so not [x]’ – CAN WE LET THIS OBSERVATION AND COMPARISON INSPIRE US IN SOME WAY?

If you struggle with identifying something specific, perhaps allow that to be a spark to begin to write or contemplate a bit further on where this comparison is coming from. Allow the ‘not knowing’ to spark you to delve in a bit to discover a little more about yourself.

Wishing you a day of allowing qualities you admire in others to be – instead of a point of discouragement – a spark of inspiration for your own growth and self-discovery. ❤

(Photo by katja, pexels(dot)com)