When listening to others and expanding your understanding, particularly when it comes to things of a spiritual nature, or others’ creative ideas, perspectives, beliefs, opinions, advice, or works of art, or even assessment and observation of a person’s character, and so on…

…if something doesn’t resonate for you in what someone else says – listen to that inner voice.

Trust that.

Don’t dismiss it.

What is that lack of resonance telling you?

Does it invite you to investigate it a little more?

When it comes to things of a spiritual, intuitive, or artistic nature, or personal practices, and so on – don’t let the belief that others must be right and you must be wrong…
~because they speak with more conviction, or
~because they appear to have more experience in that area, or
~because you feel you simply don’t feel you know enough…
…cause you to blindly agree with something that doesn’t feel quite right.

You have an inner knowing.

Allow it to guide you.

Maybe you’ll end up coming around to seeing things the same way in the end, and you just needed a little more info to flesh out your understanding first.
Or maybe you’ll end up discovering something completely different along the way.

Don’t be so quick to defer to others as being right.  Give yourself more credit for your inner wisdom. ❤

(Updated March 30, 2023 ~ CG)