NOT EVERYONE IS BLAMING YOU when they are bringing up a problem.

Often we can jump to that expectation and get defensive. Maybe we’ve experienced or observed that before, and it’s become our automatic reaction.

But someone discovering a problem is more likely just looking for help to find a solution, a resolution, some ideas, or a way forward – rather than seeking to blame another.

Watch what story you are creating – particularly with what hasn’t been said:

~ Is it true?

~ What has actually been said vs. what are you reading into?

~ What blanks are you filling in with your own ideas and presumptions?

AND THOSE WHO *HAVE* MADE A MISTAKE almost certainly did not intend to make it, and will benefit more from compassion and encouragement than criticism (since they’re likely doing a good deal of that already, themselves).

Today, no matter what your role is, I invite you to:

~ stay open and listen with compassion,

~ curb your defensiveness,

~ shift away from blame and pointing fingers – whether at yourself or others,

~ focus on ideas, solutions, and encouragement. ❤

(Photo by Magda Ehlers, pexels(dot)com)