‘…the part of you that compares yourself to other people and your past is starting to fall away.’ ~Kyle Cease in I Hope I Screw This Up.

Just that simple statement above…
~ no matter where you are or what you’re doing,
~ no matter whether you’ve consciously or intentionally been attempting to compare yourself less to others or not,
~ no matter whether comparison – and its subtle and yet sharp claws ready to burst your balloon of satisfaction – is even on your radar,
…if it resonates for you, then simply taking it in, absorbing it, letting it integrate – is serving as a spark for, indeed, a little more comparison to fall away.

Wishing you a day of staying a little more at peace with who you are right now, in this moment – no matter what others are doing or what has happened before now. ❤

(Photo by Jen Healy, pexels(dot)com)