SOMETIMES WE DON’T HAVE IT IN US TO BE AS SUPPORTIVE as we would like to be, or as present and responsive as we know we could be, or as we have been at other times.

Sometimes we’ve just run out of steam, or out of ideas to float or suggestions to offer in an effort to help.

Sometimes we give, or offer, or do – for so long in various ways in our lives, certain that it isn’t impacting us negatively in any way, only to find – perhaps quite unexpectedly – that suddenly it has become too much.

Sometimes we need to refill our own cup of empathy before we can offer some to others.

At times like this we might just need to become quiet, or to take a break, a moment, or some time for ourselves.

Or maybe we can’t take such a break, so we at least just need to be kind to ourselves, accepting ourselves just as we are – doing our best.

~ It’s OK that we have our limits, and
~ It’s OK if we don’t even know what they are until we reach them, and
~ It’s OK if they’re different than someone else’s.

Be kind to yourself anyway, for you are one of the ones who needs it the most in these times, even if you can’t articulate exactly what’s happening, or even if someone else’s issue seems more dire.

Don’t underestimate the value – and the challenge – of being the supporter, the caregiver, the helper, the armchair-counsellor, or the cheerleader of others.

Wishing you a day of extending compassion to yourself when you’re feeling that you’ve reached your own limit. Trust that and ensure that you care for yourself. ❤

(Photo by Ryutaro Tsutaka, pexels(dot)com)