AFTER A CHALLENGING OR IMPACTFUL INTERACTION, it’s OK to hold different feelings simultaneously about the experience, or to even oscillate between a few seemingly opposing emotions.

Release any hefty expectations you might have of yourself that by extending compassion or forgiveness to another person – that you must somehow also have everything resolved internally about the experience.

Our feelings aren’t just black or white, on or off.

It’s often not just one but a complex mix of shifting emotions.

While it’s not healthy to hold onto anger (it tends to do more harm to you than it does impact anyone or anything you are angry at – something you’ve likely heard before or even experienced) – IT’S ALSO OK IF YOU’RE NOT OVER ‘IT’ YET – whatever ‘it’ might be.

Even though you might tune in closely to your intuition, meditate, or trust in spiritual healing practices – it doesn’t mean you’ll never get upset again, or that you’ll bounce back quickly after every issue you encounter.

Be patient with yourself, and trust your resilience and your ability to heal.

OBSERVE THE SMALL WINS of gaining clarity about yourself and others, and celebrate them – if only with a knowing smile to yourself.