IT’S OK TO FEEL DISCONTENT, or frustration, or to dislike something in your life – even if you are also grateful for what you have.

I offer this as a reminder for each of us not to judge or dismiss our own feelings, and not to stifle them or think that we ‘shouldn’t feel this way.’

Acknowledging that we are fortunate – whether it be in material items, in relationships, in experience, or something else – is very important to help us keep things in perspective and stay humble.

It’s valuable to maintain a sense of gratitude as we remember how much we do have, particularly as we may reflect on how much less we could have, or perhaps even how much less we used to have – remembering how far we’ve come.

But it’s also OK to feel both grateful for – and discontent about – something we have or an aspect of our life at the moment, and have a desire for a slight change or adjustment. Noticing and acknowledging these feelings can be beneficial.

Perhaps it will inspire forward movement or useful change.

Perhaps some contemplation on the situation will simply melt into more gratitude as we move through and realize, ultimately, that change isn’t necessary.

I simply invite you to allow yourself to feel the feelings you have and notice what they bring up within you so it can inform you as you learn, grow, and move forward.

(Photo by Nathan Cowley, pexels(dot)com)