SOMEONE ASKED ME RECENTLY WHETHER I THOUGHT THEY NEEDED TO CLEAR CLUTTER – mental, physical, or even relationships – in order to allow new things to come into their life. Here’s the gist of what I shared with them:

Since you are asking this question, it suggests that you might have an inkling of something you feel called to get rid of, something that might be standing in your way.

It may be time to consider whether this ‘clutter’ (whatever it is) is still serving you.

Even if we are hanging onto things – or habits or relationships or thoughts – longer than we think we ‘should,’ what we might now be seeing as clutter has been serving us in some way, along the way.

If and when its presence in your life no longer feels good, then perhaps it is time to make adjustments, cut ties, or remove it from your life.
When you feel called to do this, it is the right time to do it. Follow your nudges and inner knowing.

It can be tempting to think that this clearing should have been done long ago, or perhaps that your life might have been better without it at all – especially if you are considering removing what you consider to be an unhealthy habit, practice, or even relationship. But there is no need for self-criticism or questioning decisions made in the past.

Remember that it has had a place and a purpose on your journey – even if that was for you to learn what damage it could do, in order to help others and share your story. Whenever you clear it (if at all) – it isn’t / won’t be / wasn’t – a moment too late or too soon, but exactly the right time for you on your path.

Be mindful of expectations you’re holding about what will happen when you release this clutter, as well.

Clear it simply for the sake of you being free of it, not because of an expected result you are hoping will come from its newfound absence. Release these expectations.

As you let go of what no longer serves you when it feels right, you will feel a little freer – perhaps on a very subtle level – and this will shift your energy and vibration. You’ll find you interact with others a little differently. People and opportunities that align with your new vibration will naturally be drawn to you.

Wishing you a day of ease.