Your way of working with intuition and spirit is a bit like an artistic creation: you enjoy doing it, it may be hard to describe, & no one does it the same as you.

Resist the desire to try to match your experiences with spirit to the experiences of others.

~ If you’ve experienced something similar to what was shared by another – great! But it doesn’t invalidate your experience or your sense of spirit if you can’t connect to something of a spiritual nature or an intuitive message that someone else has shared.

Release the need to follow others’ explanations of how to use one’s intuition and work with spirit.

~ If there’s resonance with what is shared, great! If it doesn’t work for you or you don’t connect to it, it’s NOT because you’re not ‘spiritual enough,’ or not ‘advanced enough,’ or just don’t ‘get it.’ It just means that concept or practice is not part of your experience at this time. It might be later, it might never be. Your journey – all you encounter, and all the methods and practices you employ along the way – is unique and important for you, exactly as you experience and understand it.

Allow yourself to become more comfortable with the idea that your way of using your intuition and connecting to spirit is perfect for you, just as it is.

~Trust what FEELS right. Trust YOUR way. ❤