For some of us, that’s almost all the time – packing our days full of to-do lists and things to start and finish, feeling ‘less-than’ when we don’t get ‘enough’ done.

In a world focused largely on productivity and accomplishments as a sign of success, I, too, was recently feeling unmotivated – the many tasks on my list feeling too effortful, despite the fact that they weren’t very complex at all.

I wondered what would get me moving and enthused once again.

I haven’t pulled oracle cards in a long time. For various reasons – including the fact that I moved some months ago, as well as that I’ve not felt drawn to pull any recently – most of my card decks have remained tucked away in some boxes.

But I spotted one deck sitting out.

In the morning I asked: What does movement forward look like for me?

Then I pulled a card. It read: WATCHING CLOUDS. Lie back, rest, and relax.

As if reminding me or even giving me permission to not actually HAVE to move forward in any particular way, to, in fact, NOT do so much – that resting was in fact necessary at this time.

This is something I’ve told others more times than I can count – encouraging them to be kind to themselves and rest, following what they feel they need.
But admittedly I’ve found it more difficult to tell myself, falling victim to the ‘shoulding’ that we all do to ourselves from time to time.

I offer this as a reminder that sometimes even when we feel like we ‘should’ be moving forward, and we want the guidance from our intuition, from spirit, from guides, from others — as to WHAT TO DO, the answer might actually be to not do anything at all.

Inviting you to tune in and drop a few of the ‘shoulds’ that are eating away at your inner peace. ❤

(Photo by Pixabay, pexels(dot)com)