SOMETHING THAT MAKES RECEIVING INTUITIVE MESSAGES OR GUIDANCE SEEM DIFFICULT is that we’re often looking for something revolutionarily different from anything we’ve experienced before.
~ Connecting in to inner wisdom / intuition / source / spirit / universe – whatever you like to call it
~ Receiving intuitive messages.
~ Getting guidance – perhaps connecting to spirit guides, or however you conceptualize the guidance coming through…
…so often we start out looking to make a brand new connection in order to receive the messages.
Maybe we think we’ll hear a new or booming voice, or perhaps a ghost-like apparition will appear beside us.
We think whatever it is will be incredibly distinct and unmistakable.
I used to think that. And it made it so hard to trust the messages I was getting. I continually doubted that I was actually doing it ‘right.’
But the trick is – receiving guidance is NOT new for any of us, and the voice or feeling that conveys these messages within us is NOT different from anything we’ve experienced before.
In fact, it’s familiar.
It’s a voice we’ve heard before.
It’s a feeling we’ve had before.
We can get caught up thinking that we can’t do it or we don’t have intuitive gifts because we can’t connect to this ‘new’ thing.
We do benefit from focusing in a little more, quieting the mind – in order to distill it out, tease it out – from the thoughts in our head.
But it’s not new. This process is about recognizing and trusting what has always been there.
Wishing you a day of noticing the messages, but also remembering that anything you don’t notice is just not meant for you to notice at that moment. The message will come another way and you’ll receive what you need to receive. ❤