THE LESS I WORRY ABOUT THINGS THE BETTER I FEEL, PHYSICALLY. At least that’s what I’m discovering. I know it’s not a revolutionary idea – scientific studies have shown that stress and worry have an impact on our physical body, even in ways we would never think they would. But nonetheless it’s interesting to notice first-hand.

Great, you say – but how do I worry less?

I find worrying less comes from trusting more.

Fine, you say – but trusting what?

Trusting: the recipe might look different to each person, and even in different situations – but it’s some combo of the following:

~ TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE (don’t believe in that? Seems too nebulous? How about…)

~ TRUST IN OPPORTUNITIES presenting themselves continually. (From where? Who knows – and do we need to know? Isn’t it just sort of the case through life – we never know what will happen from moment to moment and what unexpected idea or opportunity will come up right around the corner? We could look for continual problems or we could look for what opportunities are always revealing themselves.)

~ TRUST IN OUR OWN WISDOM (both the logical and intuitive kind)

~ TRUST IN OUR ABILITY TO HANDLE WHATEVER HAPPENS (because we’ve gotten through everything so far, haven’t we?)

~ TRUST IN OTHERS coming through for you (whether they’re folks we know and who have come through for us before, or people we’ve not even met yet – who can help us in ways we can’t even imagine right now)

~ TRUST IN FATE (the idea that things unfold beyond our control)

Without being cavalier or careless, can we take a figurative ‘helping’ from what our logical mind has to offer, as well as one from the intuitive side as well, so that we’re working somewhere along the intuition continuum to approach this issue?

Does trusting mean that we will never worry again? No, and we shouldn’t expect that. Worry, to some degree, is a natural part of life. But we can worry excessively so it’s helpful to find ways to calm ourselves and curb our worrying.

It happened to me the other day: I got so distracted by some uncertainty that I began to worry – largely because of the story I was creating to fill in the blanks around the uncertainty. I struggled to focus on other things for awhile. But I acknowledged my concern, and also offered myself some conscious reminders to trust which helped keep my worry at bay until I was able to fill in the blanks with valid information.

Even in moments of uncertainty:

~ CAN WE ASK OURSELVES WHAT WE KNOW IS TRUE, and what we’re creating as a story around the issue to fill in the blanks that is not true and not confirmed?

~ CAN WE TRUST THERE WILL BE A LANDING for ourselves no matter what happens, and that it will simply lead to different opportunities, actions, experiences – that we can handle?

Inviting you to trust a little more today to help you stave off the worrying – even if it requires some conscious reminders to do so. ❤

(Photo by Cristina Şopandă, pexels(dot)com)