SOMETIMES PEOPLE DON’T ARTICULATE WHAT THEY WANT, NEED, OR FEEL – not necessarily because they don’t want to share it with us or want to shut us out – but because they don’t actually know what it is that they want, need, or feel yet.

~ They might still be integrating a situation or experience that’s happened.

~ They might not know how to express their needs or feelings clearly yet.

~ They might be questioning any number of things about how they feel or what they want – and would prefer to wait until it feels right to share anything.

~ They might feel it would be premature to share right now because whatever they say would be incomplete in some way.

~ They might not be ready to share it.

~ They might just need time.

~ They might benefit from encouragement and a patient reminder that there is safety in sharing their processing of whatever’s happened.

~ They might just benefit from some space.

~ Or , it might not be something for us to know at all – and that’s it. This can be hard for some of us to grasp because humans tend to be naturally curious, and also have a tendency to feel any number of emotions if we feel we are being excluded.

But remember – what others feel is right about sharing (or not sharing) their truth is not about you, how ‘good’ of a person you are, how trustworthy you are, how confidentially you can keep secrets, or anything else – it is about them, what’s happening in their world, their beliefs, their understanding of the situation itself, and the lens through which they see and understand the world at this time.

Sharing this reminder for us all today, so that we might remember that not everyone processes information, pain, emotions, or experiences at the same rate – and not everyone is ready to share their impressions with us as soon as we want to hear it from them – and they might never share it. And that’s not about us, it’s just what is right for them. ❤

(Photo by Yugal Srivastava, pexels(dot)com)