The rough parts of life make you appreciate the people you have in your life to go through them with. ~Paraphrased from an early episode of How I Met Your Mother.

I loved that sentiment, so I noted it down.

If it resonates for you and sparks you to reflect on those with whom you’ve traversed (or perhaps are in the midst of traversing) some difficult patches – wonderful.

But as I contemplate it, I’m also reminded that there are times we feel very alone, and don’t feel that we have folks with whom to go through things – indeed that might be why we’re feeling it’s a rough patch.

At those times it can be valuable to consider:

~ we’ve gotten through all the rough times so far – so as a bolster or beacon to help us get through, we can hold onto the trust that we’ll get through this one as well, and we’ll find bright spots interwoven within, as well as once we’re through this experience, as we have in times past; and/or

~ there are others in the world going through tough times too – not to compare, or feel that their experience is worse or better than ours – but simply to rest in the knowledge that we are not alone even if we are not directly connected to others going through something difficult, and/or

~ reaching out, making a connection – maybe to a friend or family member to whom we feel we can share our struggle, or maybe in a more anonymous way to a distress or crisis phone line, or the simple act of making an acknowledgement or saying hello to the grocery store clerk or while getting take-out – all of which makes a connection with another human that can serve to help us feel a little less alone, and/or

~ checking in with our intuitive connection – jot down any negative, disruptive, critical thoughts to get them out of our head and onto paper (or electronic format) out of the swirl of circuitous thinking in our mind, which will allow a little more space for inner wisdom to come forward from spirit, from source, from the universe (whatever word you like to use).

Wishing you a day of sensing that you’re a little more connected than you might have thought – to others, and simply within. ❤

(Photo by Frank Hill, pexels(dot)com)