About Intuition Development

About Intuition Development

Are you curious about how to distinguish your intuition from your thoughts? 

Perhaps you’re already beginning to explore your intuition, and aren’t sure how to know if you can trust the messages you’re getting, or if you’re even ‘doing it right’? Get more comfortable tuning-in to and trusting your intuition. 

Are you keen to learn what exists beyond perception by the five senses? 

Maybe you’re already doing intuitive work and are looking to delve deeper? Be guided to explore further and deepen your spiritual connection along the way.

Is something causing you inner turmoil or impacting your overall wellness? 

If you’re open to the possibility that answers, solutions, and next steps might be found through your very own intuition – maybe with a little nudging or guidance to aid their discovery – these sessions have the capacity to offer relief.

Do you struggle when making decisions, often worried that you’ll make the wrong one?

Feel stuck going over and over the facts, wondering what to do?  Or do you fear there might be a terrible outcome if you make the wrong choice? Find a way to trust yourself and your decisions.  

Do you have trouble trusting choices you’ve already made?

Do you look back and question whether you made the right decision, perhaps thinking things like – I shouldn’t have done that! That was stupid! I should have made a different choice!?  Learn to trust and make peace with what has already been done and move forward with contentment and confidence.

Do you feel overly concerned about what people might think of what you do or say?

Does worrying about the possible judgment of others hold you back in some way? Gain greater confidence in yourself, your actions and your words so that you fear less what other people think.

What Is Intuition?

Connection to wisdom

A connection to wisdom deeper than our conscious awareness, more visceral than any factual knowledge or thoughts we may have.

The origin of our best decisions

It's at the core of the best decisions we've made, and the great ideas we've had.

Holds knowledge about how to resolve issues

It contains knowledge about our connections to others, why we feel or act the way we do, and how best to handle the issues we face.

Offers new perspectives and approaches 

It offers us new, sometimes surprising approaches to aspects of our life, to our relationships, to our circumstances, and to our view of the world in general.

An expansive world of possibilities 

When we tune into it, a whole new world becomes available.

The root of all spiritual abilities

It's at the root of all spiritual abilities, healing modalities and energy work.

Whatever way you see it, you're not wrong

Whether you see intuition as a spiritual connection, an inner voice, your subconscious or inner consciousness, a line to universal wisdom, or something else - you're not wrong.

What Is Intuition Development?

Discerning intuitive insights from thoughts

Learn to distinguish intuitive messages from thoughts and the ego/thinking-mind. Begin to trust the messages or 'intuitive hits' you get - which may come with no logical explanation and may not align with what 'makes sense on paper.'


Explore what is beyond perception by your five senses.

Deepening your connection

Get comfortable paying attention to your intuition. Receive gentle guidance to help you deepen and strengthen your connection.

Finding value in what arises

Find value in the ideas and solutions that arise, seemingly out of thin air, too commonly dismissed as 'just my imagination.'

Becoming more open and accepting

Begin to release your grasp on expectations and how things 'should' be, and follow what feels right and how things unfold.

Feeling more at ease

Feel more 'in flow' in your life, trusting the decisions you make and the path you're on.

Discovering simplicity

Find simplicity and clarity where you once found difficulty and confusion.

I had a session with Carla and had things confirmed, and learned some new things about myself. As far as the healing went, Carla helped me open up more, and my energy is stronger. I reccomend anyone that is considering having work done by Carla, to do it. She is an incredibly insightful and a wonderful person and healer.

~Ken M.

I highly recommend Carla, not only as a genuine person, but someone in tune with her practice of sharing warm light and energy healing. If you haven’t had a session, Carla makes you feel very comfortable so I highly recommend booking a session with her.


Working Together

One-on-one work with me.
Notice, strengthen, and trust your intuitive connection.

Single Sessions

Clarity. Exploration. Deep relaxation.

Courses and Packages 

In-depth work in different focus areas.
Tailored to your interests.
Follow your curiosity.

Try a session for FREE

The best way to get an idea of my approach and what a session is like is to try one.

Exploring your intuitive connection is very personal. You want to work with someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. I also want to make sure that what you're looking for is something I'm able to provide.

If what I do piques your interest, consider giving it a try. No commitment or expectation - just a session.

All sessions with me are done over zoom or by phone.

Doubt Less, Trust More

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Intuition Development
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