~ Maybe you like to think of it as spiritual support, or universal support, or that you’re energetically supported, or

~ Maybe those words – spiritual, universal, energetically – don’t resonate for you. Maybe they feel too nebulous or hard to grasp, and you prefer to consider it as simply being supported on our 3D living-and-going-about-our-daily-lives level: trusting that support will materialize as you need it – through answers and help coming through a community of people you know, and perhaps those you don’t even know yet.

A combo of the above is actually how I see it: we are spiritually supported, and that spiritual support often comes through to us in tangible forms that can help us in the 3D world in our daily life.

Whatever way feels right for you to get on-board with trusting that you are supported – you are.

THINGS MIGHT SEEM DIFFICULT TODAY, IN THIS MOMENT. But it’s so valuable, so important to remain open (or even just open the door a little tiny crack now and again, if that’s all you feel you can do) to the idea that opportunities and solutions – those you have no concept of at this point – are right around the corner.

Paths forward, ideas, and possibilities are always revealing themselves – but we can’t see them before they’re revealed.

This is not to say we should simply wait for a solution to arrive to us out of thin air. Life is a fine balance of doing what we can toward finding a solution, and then letting go of the worry and attempts to control – as we remember that so much of life is outside of our control.

Without knowing the ‘when’ or the ‘how’ of it all, issues are continually being resolved and new issues are arising – it’s the continual ebb and flow of life.
But we continue to get through challenges a little more knowledgeable, better equipped and more confident to handle the next hurdle.

Each of our lives is working out for us in mysterious ways, but right now we just can’t see how all the pieces are fitting together.

We likely can’t see how the devastating experience we’re in the midst of might serve us or those around us later on.

~ Perhaps it will cause a ripple effect on friendships – new and existing – sparking greater empathy, and offering a greater ability to help others going through something similar.

~ Perhaps a value of this experience will be in bringing together those who wouldn’t have come together otherwise – fostering connection, inspiration, and learning from one another.

~ Perhaps the situation will inspire or motivate someone in some way, or perhaps teach us or others as a cautionary tale.
This is not a cavalier platitude dismissing the gravity of anyone’s situation with a simple ‘it’s all for the best’ – nor am I attempting to diminish the pain of anyone’s experience, no matter what it is.

I’m just offering up the idea that: if we could only glimpse or peer around past what’s happening in our lives right now that feels so hard and perhaps seems insurmountable – WE WOULD SEE OPPORTUNITIES SPROUTING UP FOR US JUST BEYOND.

But we can’t see them, so we just have to trust they’ll be there – and this might help us get through today with a little more ease and hope.

Like huckleberry bushes (or other foliage, depending on what part of the world you’re in) after a fire: we don’t quite know exactly where or when they’ll be there, or quite what they’ll look like, how big the plant(s) will be or how many branches or leaves or berries they’ll have – we just have to trust that they’ll be there. ❤

(Photo by Sagui Andrea, pexels(dot)com)