WHAT IF WE TREATED LIFE MORE LIKE AN EXPERIMENT THAN A PERFORMANCE? How would that change our approach to our day-to-day experiences?

A performance or presentation often comes with it a sense of appearing polished, well-practiced, being an expert, and perhaps a desire to be flawless.

But when we’re experimenting it comes with an understanding that we’re just in the process of learning and figuring things out – so we can be messier, we can make mistakes, and we don’t have to have all the answers.

Experimenting lets us off the hook from an expectation of perfection.

How would this shift in approach impact our stress about experiences we have – big or small:

~ any interaction or conversation,
~ any social gathering or event we’re attending,
~ what we’re wearing or how we look at any time,
~ our work,
~ goals for our life,
~ even a performance or presentation, itself
~ any perceived mistakes we make.

Inviting you to consider approaching your experiences and interactions today a little more like an experiment – and see if you’re able to feel a little more at ease as you go through your day. ❤

(Photo by Josh Sorenson, pexels(dot)com)