LET IT SIT. The concern over that thing, the problem you’re having – whatever it is – just let it sit for awhile without focusing on it.

Take a pause – maybe a few minutes, a day, a week or more depending on the nature of the issue – give it a moment.

Refocus onto something else. Find a bit of distraction to help clear your head and open your heart.

Then come back to it, and ask yourself:

~What do you feel? Where do you feel it in your body?

~If what you feel doesn’t feel good, does anything come up as a way to relieve it? Without struggling to ‘figure it out’ – just notice the first thing that comes into your awareness.

~What word or image comes up into your mind’s eye?

The answers to these questions might not provide the solution or the specific answer you seek (although they might) – it might spark an idea, a step to take or a way forward, offer a suggestion, or just a reminder.

A simple thing to do to which is tuning in to your intuition. Inviting you to try it out. ❤

(Photo by Keegan Houser, pexels(dot)com)