~ Unusual is OK.
~ Unique is OK.
~ Making different choices is OK.
~ Saying no is OK.
~ Saying yes is OK.
~ Not feeling ready is OK.
~ Not having changed yet is OK.
~ Changing is OK.
~ Taking a long time to process something is OK.

We’re all works-in-progress.

Let’s stop criticizing ourselves and holding ourselves to standards and expectations set by the words of others, or comparisons we make based on observations and assumptions.

Trusting that we’re OK in each moment instead of feeding the ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed-tos’ will help us feel more at ease and comfortable wherever we are, within our own skin.

Wishing you a day of trusting that it really is – all OK. ❤

(Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras, pexels(dot)com)