This message came up in a session the other day, and I thought it would be of value for you, as well. I’d pulled a card that said:

WISE LEADER – YOU ARE A BEACON FOR OTHERS (Sacred Traveler deck, Denise Linn).
The message that came into my awareness along with the card: the joy and brightness that emanates from you as you trust that you are enough supports you in being that leader and beacon for others.

Something to remember as you begin to trust that you are enough – just as you are:
REMEMBER NOT TO TAKE PEOPLE’S REACTIONS PERSONALLY. Their reactions are about where they’re at in that moment: how tired they are, how frustrated they are with their project or their day, or perhaps simply a confluence of many things in their life is contributing to their reaction. Let it wash past you without absorbing it or allowing it to dim your own light.

Wishing you a day full of the joy and brightness that lends itself to being a beacon and a leader for others.

(Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez, pexels(dot)com)