Stop trying to be like someone else.

Stop comparing your progress, your performance, your attributes – to theirs.

You’re not perfect. You’re imperfect, but everyone else is imperfect as well.

Even the person you think has it all together in one aspect is struggling in another area we know nothing about – an area in which you might be very confident and competent.

We all have strengths and struggles.

The world – starting with your unique microcosm that might include work, family, friends, the places you go and people you spend time with (in person and online), even the ones whose encounter is so brief like in a grocery store or airport – needs you JUST AS YOU ARE, with your unique appearance, perspective, ideas, way of speaking and writing, mannerisms, abilities – everything.

You might be inspiring someone – perhaps just by your mere presence or way of being – in a way you might never know but is life-changing for them.

As you evolve and take in things bit by bit that support your growth and learning today, at the same time trust that you hold exactly the right amounts of intelligence, talent, beauty, and wisdom that is needed in this moment. ❤

(Photo by Suzy Hazelwood, pexels(dot)com)