WHEN YOU FORGET THAT AMAZING IDEA or message that came into your mind’s eye at a moment when you didn’t have the chance to write it down, or maybe you did write it down and now you’ve lost the paper on which you wrote it…

…don’t struggle at trying to remember.
…don’t chastise yourself for forgetting.
…don’t let it ruin your day.

Trust that it wasn’t meant for you to remember – or be reminded of – yet.

It was meant for you in the moment it came to you – even if you never consciously know why it came up at that time.

The fact that you forgot is simply a reminder of impermanence, and of the fleeting nature of thoughts and ideas.

Rest assured that it will come back to you later;
A different idea will surface next – one that is equally good, or even better.

Funny enough, I am often reminded of this as I lay my head down on the pillow – a time when many ideas come to me. 😴

Sometimes I turn the light on again, find my journal and write them down.

But sometimes I simply let them go with the trust that whatever I’m to notice again in the light of day – always comes back into my awareness at just the right time. ❤️