SOMETIMES PEOPLE REPEAT THEMSELVES. Life is busy and often full of many interactions and distractions. Someone might have shared something with you long ago, or with a few people and not remembered you were one of them:

~they retell the old story you’ve heard a bunch of times already,

~they go over again their (or your shared) plans – perhaps something about the upcoming weekend or much longer term goals,

~they tell you all about a significant experience they’ve had or how they feel about something they’re doing,

…you get the idea.

AS A LISTENER WE CAN FEEL IMPATIENT when this happens. We want to hear something new. We know this already, right?

But what might soften your perspective on this when it happens is simply to remember that this thing they’re repeating:


~it’s been impactful for them in some way such that they still feel the need to share it;

~they trust you and value you as someone with whom they feel comfortable sharing it;

~they might even know they’ve mentioned it before but they might be unsure if you heard them or fully understood what they shared;

~it’s something they want to be sure that you know and understand.

Wishing you a day of being able to find patience, even when it’s difficult.

(Photo by Simon Lindfield, pexels(dot)com)