SOMETIMES WE FEEL STUCK – unclear about what decision to make, what to do about a situation, or how to get through an experience that’s been challenging for us.
We wonder what our next move is – we feel unable to see it or find our way.
I see this a bit like someone on stage performing a play who has just drawn a blank on their next line. They benefit from someone giving them a prompt to get them back on track. Maybe that comes by way of a gesture or suggestion from a fellow actor, maybe it’s the stage manager mouthing or whispering the next word from offstage.
Deep down they know the line – they just need a little help to get back in flow with the dialogue again.
AS ON STAGE, AS IN OUR LIVES: we all know the way forward for ourselves in our life, in a situation, the decision to make, how to move forward with a relationship – even if it feels like we don’t. We just benefit from a sign or prompt or reminder now and then.
We are often so full of pros and cons and thinking things through – that we temporarily lose our connection to the feeling of KNOWING the solution.
WHAT I DO IN A SESSION: I find that in these ‘stuck’ times, we first benefit most from being heard and – perhaps most importantly – from an open and non-judgmental space to be held for that sharing.
Then, in a place of guided deep relaxation, I invite observation and an experience of one’s intuition, and in doing so – clear away the mental chatter.
What comes up might be an idea, an a-ha moment or answer, or perhaps guidance to go in an unexpected direction, clarity around next steps, or something different altogether.
This exploration is done without holding any specific expectations.
Prompts, questions, nudges, possibilities from me – and what arises from within – all come with the guidance to notice what resonates, and leave the rest. ❤