WE LEARN SO MUCH FROM PEOPLE WE DON’T LIKE – people we don’t resonate with, people whose actions or words get on our nerves, or rub us the wrong way. I know I do.

~ The actions we don’t like show us how we don’t want to act, ourselves. From our observation and experience, we can take away a reminder of what we want to avoid doing – perhaps we don’t want to appear the same way to others, or don’t want to leave the same impression, and so on.

~ What behaviour we have witnessed that bothers us might teach us what we don’t want in our life and in our environment (the aspects we’re able to control) – and in the others with whom we associate.

~ The things that drive us crazy about another person often show us things within ourselves that might benefit from healing. [Side note: episode 19 of Elisha and Carla Musing podcast on gratitude actually touches on this very thing.

Inviting each of us to notice what value we can find in the things we don’t like in others today, the things that annoy us – and contemplate what these things can teach us, how they might be helping us on our path. ❤

(Photo by Jiří Mikoláš, pexels(dot)com)