Instead of seeing ourselves as needing improvement – what if it’s actually more about each of us increasingly flourishing as we shed what we’ve already learned: the doubts and fears that have been keeping us constrained, limited, and feeling small?

What if the best knowledge we can gain is simply that which reminds us that it’s ok to begin to release the layers of conditioning and so-called self-protective walls we have built around ourselves over years of interpreting life experiences?

What if it’s not about learning new things, exactly, but simply gaining freedom through trusting we are free to express who we truly are and what we have always known about ourselves deep down – to emerge from behind our walls and reveal our light that has been kept hidden away?

What if it’s a matter of, bit by bit, beginning to trust that it is safe to shed these layers of beliefs and assumptions that are no longer serving us?

I invite you to consider which of these possibilities – if any or all or none – resonate for you today. ❤

(Photo by Bryan López Ornelas, pexels(dot)com)