WHEN WE MAKE IT THROUGH A DIFFICULT EXPERIENCE WITH EASE or by the ‘skin of our teeth’ – it can be easy let the fears of the future invade our thoughts:

~But what will happen next time?

~But what if it doesn’t work out when something like this happens again?

~But what if this good feeling doesn’t last and something goes horribly wrong?

~But when will ‘the other shoe drop’?

I am well-practiced a this type of thinking.

I think we do this to be cautious.

We see it as a self-protection or self-preservation mechanism to avoid getting used to good outcomes: we believe it’s too good to be true if things are going well, and that there must be a balance, so something must go wrong soon – surely it can’t last, we think.

We think we’ll prevent disappointment if we somehow predict or prepare for the next hurdle – when really, any subsequent problem is simply our own creation and imagining.

But by following these beliefs, we’re not allowing ourselves to truly enjoy and experience the relief of how things worked out this time.

I have several secrets to tell you:

~Things might NOT go horribly wrong – and worrying that they will won’t actually prevent things from going awry, it will just prevent you from enjoying this moment.

~There might not be any other ‘shoe’ – or at least no other shoe might ever ‘drop.’

~Things WILL be different next time (if there even is a next time with this type of issue) – and wondering how it will go next time is taking away from the present experience – that things did work out well.

~Even if/when more obstacles arise, things might very likely work out just as well – or better.

~The more we bring ourselves back to the present moment – acknowledging that things are always working out for us – the more content we feel.

Give it a try:  bring yourself back to the present moment, and notice how much ease comes from trusting that things are continuing to work out, instead of fearing that they won’t.