WHAT IF IT’S NOT ABOUT THE VALIDITY of any of these things: god/s or gaia, or organized religion, or numerology or astrology, or connecting to ancestors or spirit guides, or akashic records, or oracle or tarot cards, or energy healing, or any spiritual practice?

What if – these are all just different means through which each of us finds our way to release our attempts to control our experiences, outcomes, and indeed – our life?

What if – they’re gateways through which we can find, glimpse, or in some cases go ‘all-in’ – trusting in something seemingly ‘outside ourselves’?

This letting-go of the illusion of control can bring about great peace because we have spent a lifetime struggling to control our lives, and yet continue to find that no matter how hard we plan or prepare or think we’ve made the best decision – outcomes are ultimately out of our control.

Whether it’s an oracle card, a practitioner or healer, an astrological reading, or even a spirit guide – there’s a common thread through them all: an offering of a message from ‘somewhere else’ that we feel might have answers or clues to help us on our journey.

Is it possible, though…

…that we have held the answers all along?

…that the answers we already have within are simply unlocked by the resonance we feel from that clue we receive?

…that the practitioner, the tarot card, the spirit guide – didn’t actually have the answer for us in the way that we thought?

…that the message or idea we hear or see simply finds a connection or match with something deep down within us?

…that, conversely, when that source we sought (or that found us) DIDN’T seem to have the answer – the oracle card didn’t make sense to our current situation, the sign or message we got from our guides or from the church sermon didn’t relate to our life, or whatever the case may be – it wasn’t that they were wrong or we ‘just don’t get it,’ but rather that the clue just didn’t quite unlock the answer clearly for us at that time on that day and something else will?

…that the message you received might be just a piece of the puzzle?

Inviting you to challenge what you thought you knew, or what you have believed so far – and see what you discover. ❤️