SOMETIMES WHAT A PERSON NEEDS MOST IS JUST TO KNOW THAT SOMEONE ELSE IS IN THEIR CORNER – someone who thinks they’re doing a good job, that they’re ok as they are – that someone believes in them.

Positive feedback and a sense of support is very powerful – and can often make all the difference for a person.

The confidence or conviction with which someone speaks might suggest they have lots of support, and as a result we might shy away from offering our supportive comments. But we might be surprised to learn how rare it actually is for that person to hear positive feedback, and how difficult their journey might have been so far from their perspective.

Some might say we must have an intrinsic sense of confidence and shouldn’t be seeking external validation of ourselves or our actions.

I would agree that it’s wise not to rely only on others for positive feedback, as we might struggle to find such support at all times.
But where does it come from originally, then – our belief in ourselves?

I suggest that confidence is often ignited by a little external validation, motivation, and support from someone else.

Inviting you to consider someone with whom you might share some supportive words – to let them know that you believe in them. Your words might make all the difference for them that day. ❤

(Photo by Lisa Fotios, pexels(dot)com)