WE OFTEN NEED TO HEAR SOMETHING OVER AND OVER – perhaps an idea, suggestion, some advice – multiple times, in different ways and at different times before it sinks in. A recent conversation reminded me of this.

Remember this and have compassion and patience…

~…for the folks to whom you’ve said the same thing and they haven’t quite ‘gotten’ it yet, or remembered that you’ve said it to them before, or taken you up on it. They’re still taking it in, and it’s just taking awhile. They haven’t so far found a place for it to ‘land’ and integrate in amongst their other thoughts, concerns and existing knowledge base.

~…when you learn that someone took the very same advice or suggestion from someone else that you had given them once or twice or many times before. It’s not that there was something ‘wrong’ with how you gave them the suggestion or what you said, it was simply not the ‘right’ time for them to accept it and absorb it then. It WAS the ‘right’ time for them to get the message exactly when they did from the other person.

~…for yourself when you realize you’ve heard the same thing before but only now does it suddenly makes sense or seem like a good idea. Resist the temptation to think – arggghh I ‘should’ have listened to that advice long ago! It wasn’t the time for you to listen back then. You’ve been laying the foundation for its integration with the experiences you’ve been through and all the information you’ve gathered to this point.

Wishing you a day of patience – remembering we all need to hear things a few times. Our absorption of new information and ideas is rarely instantaneous and it happens at just the right time for each of us. ❤

(Photo by Tomáš Malík, pexels(dot)com)