OFTEN PEOPLE DON’T WANT US TO FIX THE PROBLEM when they’re telling us about a frustration or challenge in their life – at least not right away – even if we can see the answer, or it would be super easy to do as far as we’re concerned.

They might not even want us to throw another perspective their way, or offer a way to see it from another angle – at least not yet.

They might welcome our solution or that shifted approach at some point, and it might be really helpful – maybe in a few minutes or a little later on.

But first, it’s likely that THEY JUST WANT TO FEEL HEARD and gain a sense of connection that comes from knowing someone else can understand their feelings and ‘get’ why they’re upset about the situation.

Reminding us all to gauge the interactions we have, and, where appropriate – try acknowledging others’ feelings and asking them to share more about themselves in relation to the problem – before jumping in to solve the problem or offer advice. ❤