BRING TO MIND AN AREA OF YOUR LIFE, or your physical body, or another aspect of yourself – that you see as deficient, lacking, or not quite where you want it to be.

How would it feel to trade in that ingrained belief – the one that says you’re deficient – for simple acceptance? 🤔

Don’t get stuck in the ‘but how’ or the ‘I can’t.’

~ Acceptance of ourselves is just an acknowledgement of: this is me right here right now, without judgment or criticism.

If you feel yourself starting to criticize yourself – just cut off that voice, ‘shhhh’ them them like you would ‘shhhh’ someone talking during [a movie, a play, a performance by a classical guitar soloist – you fill in the blank with where you would ‘shhhh’ someone]. 😉

~ Acceptance doesn’t mean you’ve given up on your goals or on a desire to change what can be changed.

~ Acceptance doesn’t mean you can’t continue to grow, adjust things in your life, or work toward your goals.

Let the desire for change be a little like a seed.

Like a seed, we water it, we seek adequate conditions for it to thrive, making adjustments now and again.

But we don’t need to stare at where the seed is planted, or think about it, or wonder why it’s not growing fast enough – ALL THE TIME, in order for it to grow, do we? 🤔

~ Acceptance simply offers you space to simply be, just as you are – and a neutral place to carry-on from.

How would it feel to choose to move forward today as that whole and accepted person, refocusing toward your projects, your ideas, the books you’re reading, the shows you’re watching, the work you do, the people you’re connecting to – with an absence of criticism or judgement about your perceived deficiency? 🤔

Being present with who we’re with and what we’re doing, and taking action – removes the focus from ourselves (and from our perceived deficiencies).

Try it.

Does it feel lighter in some way? 🤔

Does the choice to be happy, smile, and exude joy become a tiny bit easier? A lot easier? 🤔

Wishing you a day of noticing the relief that comes from simple acceptance. ❤