A simple reminder as we head into 2023:
WE CANNOT CONTROL OTHERS – their behaviour or words.

~ We can offer up ideas of ways things could be done differently.

~ We can ask – even demand – that someone do things another way, or to stop saying or doing the things that we wish they wouldn’t.

~ We can hold hope that a person will change or adjust their behaviour.

But we cannot expect that the change will happen.

Letting go of expectations is one of the keys to feeling at peace.

It’s our attempts to control something outside of our control that often has us unhappy and disappointed.

~ WE CAN LOOK TO OURSELVES to notice what their behaviour is triggering within us.

~ Are their actions shining a spotlight back to something within us that could benefit from healing?

~ Can we identify and work on this a little within ourselves, such that it might result in us being a little less affected by their behaviour?

Inviting each of us to remember these things as we go throughout our day today – while also keeping in the back of our minds the possibility that we might, indeed, be sparking change in others that we have no idea about – simply by our mere presence and way of being.

Wishing you a peaceful day. ❤

(Photo by Lukas Hartmann, pexels(dot)com)